Saturday, May 6, 2017

Star Wars Day

I have a little bit of a confession. I've never been a huge Star Wars fan. I went to see Rogue One with my husband when it was in the theater, but I haven't watched any of the other movies in years.  But that's about to change because I had so much fun having a Star Wars Day in my classroom!  You did know that May 4th is Star Wars Day, right?  As in, "May the Fourth be with you!"  Teehee. :-)

I think there were a few kids that had never seen a Star Wars movie and didn't know a lot about the characters. But most of them still had a ton of fun. The excitement of the other students rubbed off on them. Student engagement was at an all time high.

In science, we've been working on a unit about the Solar System. So before Star Wars Day even started, the kids had outer space on their minds.  We studied the eight planets (even though our textbook still says there are nine ha!), their characteristics, and their order.  "My very educated mother just served us noodles" became the password to get into the classroom every morning. They loved that so much and begged to do it all week.  Who would've thought??

We also studied the most common constellations and then they created their own constellation and origin story.  Then they added gold stars to black construction paper, adding more background stars with white chalk.  This was a big hit and super easy to prepare.

This guy was very enthusiastic with the chalk HA!

There were a lot of cute ideas but growing up in the 80s might mean that the Pac Man is my favorite!

We also used a Yoda directed drawing from Second Grade Rocks the week before.  The kids wondered why we were randomly drawing Yoda, but I wanted to keep my Star Wars Day plans secret for a little longer.  I had them hanging in the hallway to greet the students as they came up the stairs on the big day.

They recognized the drawings but were surprised to see them hanging on the wall.  I could just see their brains working.....Star Wars Day....huh???

They continued on to the door and were greeted by Chewbacca.  I found these decorations in the party aisle at Target.  I don't remember exactly how much it was but it was a great deal.  These decorations, plus about 4 more character posters/cutouts that I hung inside the classroom.  I think the price was about $7.00  They were very sturdy and I'm sure I'll be able to use them for years to come.

We started the day with just some fun bell work.  I love using these slide show templates from Ladybug's Teacher Files to help my students get prepared for their bell work time. I always plan to use them for the different subjects but haven't quite pulled it off yet! {Don't mind the tie fighters flying into the picture! :-)}

Their bell work was to color their Star Wars cube for later.  Then they worked on these online Star Wars puzzles on their laptops. The kids could set the level of difficulty from 4 puzzle pieces all the way to 36 pieces.  Perfect for my little second graders!

Next, we grabbed our light sabers and got ready to go on our first mission!  We read a story from my Star Wars Day packet and started a grammar scavenger hunt.  We found different kinds of grammar with our light sabers and then reported our discoveries to Chewbacca.

Later, we reread our story and worked on cause and effect. This is our current unit of study in reading and the kids are doing ok when they are given one event and have to generate a reasonable cause or effect.  But when they have to pick an example of cause and effect from a text, it somehow becomes trickier for them.  Is this the case for your kiddos? This Star Wars story was the perfect way to get them more involved in the story and working on this skill.

At this point in the morning, we stopped for a little bathroom break and snack time.  I had the students pretend they were Stormtroopers marching in the hall and boy, did they LOVE that!! Those marching feet were noisy and I felt a little bad about the other classrooms hearing it, but my kids were just having so much fun.  Then we went back and had some Star Wars gummies...I mean, rations.

After that, we were ready to finish our morning missions up with some comprehension questions!

After lunch, we picked up our next missions for math.  Our first job was putting together the cube that the kids had colored and cut out for bellwork.  They rolled the cube 25 times and tallied their results.  They used that data to create a bar graph.

Then we continued practicing our current math unit---adding and subtracting three digit numbers! I didn't grab a picture of this sheet but it is 3 digit addition and subtraction both with regrouping. The kids were trying to miss as few problems as possible so they could escape from Darth Vader and all the Stormtroopers that are at the bottom of the page!

This day was truly a lot of fun. I plan on adding some more pages to my TpT packet for next year, like some writing and another original story.  But there is plenty to keep your kiddos busy as is!  Check the packet out here! Thanks for stopping by!

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